Interviewing…Keeley, Anna and Kelly

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Title: Interviewing…Keeley, Anna and Kelly

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Keeley Hawes, Anna Friel, Kelly Reilly

Codes: blowjob, Fmast, MFFF, anal, rimjob, oral, facial

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

The next episode of the Truth Behind the Women of TV was the first episode of the new series with three guests, and all of them were as fantastically beautiful as the others. The guests were all stars of programmes in the UK, but were actresses that often went unnoticed for their beauty. Keeley Hawes had appeared in shows such as Ashes to Ashes and was a very pretty brunette while Anna Friel had starred in programmes like Pushing Daisies and Come Fly With Me and was equally beautiful. My final guest, Kelly Reilly, was best known for her roles in Above Suspicion and True Detective, and the cute redhead made the three guests on my sofa some of the most underappreciated beauties in the acting business.

I was looking forward to the show, knowing it was usually the lesser known stars who tended to be the dirtiest and I wasn’t to be disappointed as the three ladies came onto the set. Kelly Reilly led the way wearing a stunning black dress that showed ample cleavage and looked absolutely fantastic. She was followed by Keeley Hawes, who had also decided to wear a black dress although with less cleavage but showing off her legs. Finally, Anna Friel came out wearing a silver number that curved around her ass and breasts and made her look stunning.

“Welcome to the show, ladies, and can I just say how great you all look?” I said, starting the interview. “Let’s get started, then. Keeley, you hit fame in Ashes to Ashes, how did it differ from your early acting career?”

“Obviously being in a major BBC drama as opposed to voicing characters and cameos in TV programmes and movies is a huge change,” Keeley answered. “It does phase you at first but you get used to it, and it gave me my big break so no complaining from me.”

“Anna, you were a star from a young age, so were you never tempted to go off the rails, as has been known to happen with child actors?”

“Thankfully no,” Anna answered, smiling. “I had good support around me and because I didn’t get a huge role at such a young age, I feel it helped a lot. Obviously, it is strange, going to school and people seeing you on the TV but it was worth every minute.”

“Kelly, like Keeley, you had a lot of small roles before you made it big with Above Suspicion,” I continued the interview. “Do you think those roles helped you get the bigger role in such a primetime show?”

“Yes, I do,” she answered, “I think you learn from every role you get, given the actors you work with. The little jobs are the ones that lead up to you getting a shot at the big ones, there’s hardly any actors or actresses who haven’t done little roles before getting their main ones. So yes, it does help a lot.”

“A constant theme of these shows is finding out more about the sex scenes of you stunning actresses,” I said, directing the show towards sex. “You’ve all done them, so what would you say was the most difficult part and would you shoot more?”

“I think the most challenging thing about a sex scene is always the relationship with the other person,” Keeley answered. “It’s difficult to get that relationship right, but I’d definitely shoot more. I really enjoyed shooting the scenes I’ve shot, both straight and lesbian, so would film more if the role needed it.”

“Yeah, I agree with Keeley,” Anna said, nodding. “Certainly getting to know the person you’re about to have sex with is the most difficult part. But, yes, I’d shoot more if it adds to the role. I wouldn’t just shoot a sex scene for the fun of it. It has to add to the plot, but I’d definitely shoot more.”

“The girls have hit the nail on the head,” Kelly agreed. “Sex scenes are difficult, but once you know the person, they tend to get easier. I’d do more in a heartbeat, they can be enjoyable sometimes, but it depends on the situation.”

“Keeley, you mentioned your lesbian scene there, how was that?” I asked, sensing that all three girls may be up for some fun at the end of the show. “And have you done anything more than that?

“The lesbian scene was something completely different, but it was an experience that I’d do again,” Keeley answered. “As for have I done anything more, before it no, that was my first experience with a woman. But since then, I’ve shared a few intimate moments.”

“And Anna and Kelly? Any naughty lesbian tales to tell?”

“I’ve been with a few women,” Kelly said, with no hesitation, “in my earlier years. Not so much recently, but I have been with women and do still enjoy the occasional fling.”

“I wish I could say the same,” Anna said, looking slightly disappointed. “I’ve never been with another woman, and it’s a little disappointing for me, as I thought I would’ve done by now. But nope, never been with one.”

“Well, there’s still time yet, Anna,” I said, knowing exactly how I wanted Anna’s first time with a woman to go down. “And how are the sex lives in your personal lives?”

“I’ve been married twice and I have to say this marriage is the best for sex,” Keeley answered very honestly. “Matthew (MacFadyen, her actor husband) and I enjoy sex as and when we can, but it is difficult with our kids and work commitments. However, I’d say roughly it’s between once a week and once every two weeks.”

“Like Keeley, I’d say I’m in a more sexual relationship now with Rhys (Ifans, her actor boyfriend), as opposed to my old one,” Anna stated. “We also have to alter our sex lives around work and my kid, but we probably manage to have sex twice a week if we can.”

“I think I have the most sexual relationship out of all of us then,” Kelly said, looking happy with herself. “I do love sex and my husband and I have sex three times a week at a minimum. There’s no barriers for us as he isn’t limited by his job and we have no kids. I’m very sexual so it works perfectly.”

“If you’re very sexual, does that mean you all masturbate?” I asked, feeling my cock start to twitch.

“I certainly do, a lot,” Kelly answered first, without hesitation. “As I said, I’m very sexual so I masturbate every day, sometimes more times in a day if I’m not getting sex. I just love the feeling of getting off and I’ll masturbate to almost anything.”

“Wow,” Anna said, almost in shock at Kelly’s admission. “I do enjoy masturbating and probably do it about once a week. But it doesn’t do as much for me as actual sex, even though porn is very arousing.”

“Yeah, I’m the same as Anna,” Keeley said. “But I do masturbate quite a lot, because I get stressed very easily and it helps me relieve some of that. I masturbate a lot to porn, but I do enjoy playing sexy games as well.”

“Wow, that’s very hot,” I said, feeling my cock start to rise for the first time tonight. “Any favourite pornstars from those times you watch porn, or genres?”

“Oh yes, I love watching redhead porn, because I can imagine it’s me,” Kelly answered, “and my favourite pornstar is Karlie Montana, without a shadow of a doubt.”

“I’ve never really thought about favourite stars or genres,” Keeley said, “I’m quite easy going. If I had to say though, I’d probably say when the female is older, someone like Lisa Ann.”

“That’s everyone’s favourite,” Anna said, clearly showing off her porn knowledge. “My favourite star is Nina Hartley, who I first saw in Boogie Nights, and I love doctor or nurse sketches. They get me going.”

“Wow, great answers, ladies,” I said, as my cock reached its hardest state. “One more question to finish off the show. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?”

“I’ve masturbated on every set I’ve been on in Above Suspicion,” Kelly said, her eyes darting to my erect cock. “In between takes sometimes. That’s hot, or at least I think it is.”

“After my lesbian sex scene, Rachael (Sterling) and I redid it again without the cameras shooting and the crew present, but I think we were caught,” Keeley answered, smiling. “That’s the kinkiest thing I’ve ever done.”

“Wow, you girls are so forward,” Anna said. “Not wearing underwear to every award show I go to, and sometimes in some scenes in my TV shows is pretty kinky I guess.”

“What a great way to end the show,” I said, fully hard and eager to fuck the ladies. “Thanks go to my three guests for their fabulous answers and I hope to see you next time when I’ll be joined by Countdown’s Rachel Riley, Alexandra Dowling from The Musketeers and Atlantis star Aiysha Hart. See you then.”

As I ended the show, I knew there was a definite possibility that I could seduce all three guests, but Kelly Reilly seemed a certainty to have some fun. As soon as I had finished closing the show, she seemed to want to take this further, her answers clearly turning herself on. Once I’d released my cock so it was in full view to the three women, she wasted no time in darting forwards and beginning to suck my cock, crouching at my feet.

As I lay back to enjoy the blowjob from the sexy redheaded actress, I looked over to see whether Anna and Keeley would be up for joining us or whether it would be just Kelly and I. Keeley was watching the blowjob going on in front of her with interest, seemingly unable to take her eyes off it, but Anna seemed a little unsure of her feelings, and continually glanced at Keeley to gage her reaction.

Meanwhile, Kelly seemed to have her mind set on making me reach my orgasm, as her blowjob was increasing in speed and technique. She began fondling with my balls as she sucked on my cock, her redhead bouncing up and down as she took it in and out of her mouth. I glanced over again at my other two guests and my hopes that I might get to have fun with all of them were boosted, watching as Keeley hitched up her dress and began rubbing herself through her panties, while Anna was unknowingly rubbing her own pussy as she watched the blowjob.

Not wanting to blow my load too quickly, and overcome with a huge desire to fuck my guests, I stopped Kelly’s blowjob and slowly undressed her, admiring her beautiful voluptuous body as she stood before me. The carpet did indeed match the curtains as I admired her little tufts of red hair above her pussy, and I pushed her back onto the sofa, while I crouched down at her feet, intent on reciprocating the oral pleasure she’d just given me.

Over on the other side of the room, Keeley and Anna had both decided that they were definitely willing to be a part of this, and had undressed themselves so that they were both now just wearing their underwear. Keeley had seemed up for it from the start and had her eyes fixed on the sight in front of her as she worked her fingers in and out of her pussy. Anna, on the other hand, was watching Keeley pleasure herself and found her own hands drifting down towards her pussy, seemingly aroused at her fellow guest’s masturbation.

I had figured that Kelly was the type of girl who enjoyed a lot of different things in the bedroom, but as I worked my finger in and out of her, licking her pussy, I realised that she was a girl who seemed to love oral pleasure more than sex, just like Kate Abdo, my fellow co-host on two of my other shows. Kelly was moaning louder and louder as I continued to pleasure her, and her pussy was getting wetter by the second as she squeezed her nipples and pushed my head deeper into her pussy. Within a few minutes of us switching roles, I realised that Kelly was very close to her own orgasm. Working my finger in and out of her pussy faster, I began giving slow, long licks up and down her clit, which was met by loud moans and more pressure.

“Fuck!!!” she screamed loudly, as she reached her climax, my tongue still buried deep in her pussy, as her body clenched and she released her juices.

As I got up and kissed Kelly, having her taste her own juices, I looked over to my other two guests. Anna Friel had moved on and was now completely naked, her eyes focused on Keeley Hawes’ hand which was furiously moving in and out of her pussy as she tried to bring herself to orgasm. Anna, despite being a lesbian virgin, clearly had a thing for girls and I made my way over to the two guests, Kelly following behind.

I sat down in between the two women and guided Anna’s hand to where Keeley was pleasuring herself and replaced it with Anna’s. Although hesitant at first, Anna got into it and began working her fingers in and around Keeley’s pussy, giving the brunette actress pleasure. Kelly was taking care of Anna’s pleasure, though, as having orgasmed already herself, decided it was time to return the favour, and had begun licking Anna’s pussy, met by moans of delight from the actress. I was sitting in between these two beautiful brunette’s guiding Anna’s hand as she worked it in and out of Keeley’s slit, still moaning at the pussy-licking she was receiving.

I began to stroke my cock as I sat in between these two naked women, watching Kelly lick Anna’s pussy, when suddenly I felt a hand replace my own. Glancing to my left, Keeley smiled at me as she jerked my cock up and down, rubbing her breasts with her other hands as Anna pleasured her with her fingers. Soon, we were all giving each other pleasure in some way, as I began playing with Anna’s tits while she had her pussy licked by Kelly.

Anna’s moans were becoming louder and more infrequent as she gasped for breath, with Kelly clearly doing a very good job on her pussy. She hadn’t forgotten Keeley though, and was still working her fingers in and out of her clit, being met with moans from the Ashes to Ashes star. However, I soon decided to stop those moans, and after exchanging a kiss with Keeley, guided her head down to my cock, where she willingly began sucking up and down on my member, her hands fondling my balls.

Suddenly, Anna let out a huge scream of pleasure as she reached orgasm, Kelly lapping up her juices with a big grin on her face, as she gave Anna her first taste of what it felt like receiving oral from a woman. Witnessing Anna’s passionate orgasm and the blowjob Keeley was giving me brought me closer to my own impending climax, and I forced Keeley’s head down on my cock harder, making sure she took it all in her mouth. Moments later, and I released my load deep into Keeley’s mouth, the actress swallowing it down with a smile on her own face.

As we all lay back on the sofa, recovering from our sexual acts, I realised that Keeley was the only one who was yet to cum. Deciding to change that, I lifted her off her seat and bent her over the sofa, lining up my cock with the entrance to her vagina. Slowly, I pushed myself inside her already wet entrance, and began fucking the only guest who had not yet reached her climax. Kelly was clearly turned on by this, and began to work her fingers in and out of her pussy as she watched my cock go in and out of Keeley’s. Once more, however, Anna seemed unsure what to do with herself, and as I glanced over, I decided to give her some more pleasure.

“Anna, come over here,” I said, my cock still going in and out of Keeley’s pussy, as I fucked her hard. “Why don’t you sit on the raised platform?”

The raised platform was a little area above the sofa where we based one of the cameras. I had never thought to use it in my after-show sex with my guests. However, with the crew having removed all the cameras, and the platform empty, I decided to try it out. Anna made her way up onto the platform and sat on the edge, her pussy in a perfect place for some easy access. Both Keeley and I began licking her pussy as she lowered herself precariously, so that we could both get a taste. Her movement up and down was one done with a lot of flexibility, but it was very rewarding for her, judging by the moans she was letting out.

Kelly was furiously masturbating herself now, as she watched me fuck Keeley while we both orally pleasured Anna and I wasn’t surprised to hear her let out a loud scream as she reached her climax for the second time that night. I’m not sure whether it was the sound of Kelly climaxing, the realisation of the situation she was in or the feeling of my cock in her pussy, but Keeley wasn’t far behind Kelly in reaching orgasm, her first of the night. I felt her juices around my cock as I continued to fuck her and knew that I, myself, was not far away from orgasm.

Suddenly, I felt a wet sensation in my asshole and realised that Kelly had begun giving me a rimjob as I fucked Keeley. This extra feeling in my ass was a feeling I had experienced once before, from Rhona Mitra, and it had gotten me off then, and this was no different. With Kelly tonguing my asshole, I felt myself pushing towards climax, and withdrew my cock to squirt my load over Keeley’s ass.

Thinking that would be the end of what had been a very satisfying fuck session, I collapsed on the sofa, looking up at the three beautiful women. However, Kelly Reilly didn’t seem to want it to end and she worked my cock back up to its full length using her hands, before lowering herself in the direction of my dick.

“Fuck me up the ass,” she said, as she lowered her ass so that its entrance was poised on top of my cock.

“You are a naughty slut,” I replied, as I thrust upwards, meeting resistance and realising I was taking her anal virginity. Pushing up harder, I worked my cock inside her ass until I could freely begin to thrust up and down and fuck her ass, grabbing hold of her breasts as she bounced on my cock. Anna and Keeley were both sitting next to us as we fucked, their pussies being masturbated furiously by the other’s hands until Keeley decided she was going to make Anna have her first taste of pussy. Pushing her down onto the sofa, Keeley straddled her in the 69 position and lowered herself so that Anna would have no choice but to start licking.

After initial pain, Kelly seemed to be enjoying getting her ass fucked and was bouncing up and down on my cock with real enthusiasm, while Keeley and Anna licked each other’s pussies furiously. It really would have been a very hot scene for someone to walk in on, and it got even hotter moments later as Anna screamed and reached another orgasm, her body clenching underneath Keeley’s.

Keeley wasn’t far behind Anna in reaching her climax, as Anna seemed to do a great job at licking pussy for the first time. With a loud moan and scream, Keeley released her juices and collapsed on top of Anna as they both recovered. Kelly was rubbing her pussy as she became determined to cum, her ass being worked hard and fast and her moans indicated to me that she was close. Speeding up my fucking of her ass, I felt her body clench and watched as juices flew across the room, the redhead squirting her pleasure for all to see. This brought me closer to my own climax and I warned Kelly of my incoming orgasm.

“Kelly, I’m gonna cum, too,” I said, still pounding her ass but using extra restraint to stop myself jizzing.

She got up off my cock and bent down at my feet, her mouth wide open, and I knew where she wanted it. I jerked my cock hard and fast and was soon releasing my load all over Kelly’s face, where Anna and Keeley came to lick her clean. Then the four of us collapsed on the sofa as I looked back on yet another successful interview.

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