Sapphic Erotica: Scene 13

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Title: Sapphic Erotica: Scene 13

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Felicity Jones, Jenna Louise Coleman

Codes: FF, oral, mas, drug, con

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Also, if you like this story, email me at [email protected]

Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on an office, where everybody appears to be dressed in sixties period clothes.  We then see Jenna behind her desk, talking on the phone to someone.

“Yes, I’ll put you through, one moment.”

As she’s hanging up, Felicity steps up to her desk. “Cooie, Jenna.  It’s Friday; you doing anything after work?”

“Oh, I don’t know, probably go home, watch David Frost.”

“Well, I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me for drinks?”

Jenna looks like she’s thinking for a moment. “Oh, why not!  I could use a little fun tonight.”

“Okay, meet me at the elevator at quitting time.” Before she walks away, Felicity winks at Jenna, and mouths a kiss at her.  Jenna responds to this with a look like, ‘That was odd’.

That night, the two are in a pub, with a couple of girly drinks.

“Oh, did I tell you?  Simmons tried hitting on me yesterday.”

“Oh, God!  How did you respond?”

“I told him he was barking up the wrong tree.”

“No kidding!  I shudder to imagine the kind of woman who’d say yes to him!  Especially with that cologne he uses.  Do they sell that stuff by the gallon?” Felicity laughs, and Jenna joins her.

Some time later, the door to Jenna’s apartment opens, and the two stumble in, laughing their asses off.  “Mmm…” Jenna moans, attempting to shake off some of the effects of the alcohol she’d drunken. “You want some tea?”

“Um, okay,” Felicity says, clumsily sitting on Jenna’s couch.

Later, the two sit drinking their tea.

“So,” Jenna says, putting her cup down, “I keep meaning to ask you, are you seeing anyone?”

Felicity gives her a wry smirk. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, my brother is in town, and I was thinking, maybe I could set you up with him?”

Felicity then puts her cup down. “Oh, um, well, here’s the thing.  I…No offense to your brother, but I don’t think he would have anything I’m interested in.”

“I…don’t understand.”

“Remember I mentioned ‘barking up the wrong tree’?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Well, what I meant by that was…” After hesitating for a moment, Felicity scoots forward, toward Jenna.  We get a shot of their faces, as Felicity leans closer, and Jenna looks confused, then, in our first close-up, Felicity gives Jenna a long, passionate kiss.

Suddenly, Jenna pulls away. “Waitwaitwait!  You’re…I mean…you…”

“Yes, Jenna.  I’m a lesbian.”

“Well…does anyone else in the office know?”

“Just you.”

Jenna starts to have a fit. “I’m…I’m sorry, this is just…I mean, I don’t know what you’re thinking, Felicity, but I’m not…” Jenna then starts to hyperventilate.

“Calm down, love.” Felicity places her hand on Jenna’s.

Jenna calms down a little, but is still shaking, so, without a word, Felicity places her hand on her thigh, and starts to caress it.  Nervously, Jenna watches as Felicity’s hand creeps toward her skirt.  We see the hand then move up Jenna’s skirt, and suddenly Jenna gasps as Felicity moves her hand around inside. “This…this feels weird.”

“But good, I’ll bet.”

“Yeah…” Jenna starts to feel herself up through her blouse, as she watches Felicity pull her fingers out, and lick them.

“Take your skirt off…” Felicity whispers.

Jenna unzips her skirt, and takes it off, as Felicity gets down on the floor.  She then leans in, and, in another close-up, pulls aside Jenna’s panties, sticks out her tongue, and starts to lick Jenna’s pussy. “Oh!  Ooh…” Jenna squeezes her tits through her blouse, then starts to unbutton it.  Back in the close-up, Felicity is fingering Jenna’s cunt, while continuing to eat it out.  We then see Jenna’s blouse is off, and she’s taking off her bra. “Oh, God…” Jenna whispers, squeezing her big tits, and rubbing her hard nipples, “Don’t stop, love…” Again in the close-up, Felicity is two-fingering Jenna’s twat, while she flicks her tongue on her clit.  Suddenly, Jenna starts to buck her hips, then, finally, arches her back, and lets out a high-pitched squeal.

Catching her breath, Jenna gasps, “Wow.  That was…”


“Yeah, I guess.  Felicity?”


“Can I do you now?”

Felicity grins at this, then stands up, and removes her skirt, then pulls down her panties.  Jenna then gets down on the floor, as Felicity reclines on the couch, legs spread.  In another close-up, we see Jenna insert her middle finger in Felicity’s pussy, and start to slowly fuck it. “Hmm…” Felicity sighs, as she unbuttons her blouse.  Back in the close-up, Jenna now has two fingers in there, then leans in, and, hesitantly, licks the outside of Felicity’s cunt.  Felicity takes her bra off and tosses it aside, then feels herself up, brow furrowing, as Jenna licks and finger-bangs her. “Ooh, love, you’re doing wonderfully…” Again in the close-up, we see Jenna’s fingers are dripping wet as they move in and out of Felicity’s pussy, and Jenna’s starting to get into eating her out, sliding her tongue in Felicity’s juicy slit. “Oh, just like that, love…I’m almost there…” Suddenly, she places her hand on Jenna’s head, and jerks her hips, groaning deeply.

Jenna then comes up, and sits back on the couch. “Well, that happened.”


“Feels weird.  Does this make me a lesbian?”

“Did you enjoy it?”


“Then you’re a lesbian.” Felicity grins as she says this, and Jenna chuckles.  There’s then an awkward pause, ending with, “Would you…like to stay here tonight?”

“I would love that!” Felicity sits up.

“Good!” Jenna says out loud. “Glad to finally be sharing that big bed I paid for with another person.”

Felicity laughs at this. “Oh, you’re lovely.” She then leans in, and the two share a long, deep kiss, as the scene fades out.

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