The Family That Lays Together: Scene 85

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Title: The Family That Lays Together: Scene 85

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Codes: FM, oral, mas, anal, inc, con

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Sarah stepping out of the shower, and grabbing a towel, which she uses to dry off her hair, then wraps around herself.

We then see her in her bedroom, brushing her hair in the mirror, when a young man comes in. “Hey, Charlie, what’s up?”

“Dad just called, he’s-”

“Don’t tell me. ‘Working late’?”

“Uh, yeah, Mom.  So, looks like it’s just us tonight.”

Sarah turns to look at her son. “And I suppose you wanna fuck, right?”

“Well, yeah.  When have I not?”

“Okay, how about after dinner?”

“Uh, actually, Mom, looking at you right now…”

Sarah smirks at Charlie. “Oh, I see, while I’m wet and ready, is that it?” She punctuates this by opening her towel, exposing herself to him.

“Fuck, you’re sexy, Mom.”

“As long as someone acknowledges it.” As she says this, Charlie steps toward her, and she cranes her neck up, so her mouth can meet his.  Upon reaching her, Charlie shoves his tongue in Sarah’s mouth, and grabs her hot, wet titties.  As they make out, Sarah grabs the bottom of her son’s shirt, and, with his help, pulls it off him.  We then get a shot from behind as Charlie places his hands on his mother’s ass-cheeks, followed by our first close-up, as Sarah kisses across her son’s bare chest, then, looking up at him, whispers, “You’re pretty sexy yourself, son.  You know that?”

“Yeah, you’ve told me.” Sarah then kisses one of her son’s nipples, before they continue making out.

Charlie then starts backing Sarah toward the bed, eventually sitting her down, and pushing her legs up, as he kneels before her.  In another close-up, we see Charlie start licking his mother’s steaming pussy. “Huh…” Sarah exhales vocally, then, voice wavering, says, “Yeah…eat me…” Back in the close-up, Charlie holds Sarah’s pussy open, and licks the moist, pink inside, while he fingers her hole, causing her to twitch and spasm.  Breathing hard, Sarah lies back, face contorting. “Ohhh, God…” She then turns her head to the side, feels up her tits, and starts to squirm under her son’s mouth. “Oh, God, baby, I’m almost there!” Sarah starts bucking her hips, then suddenly clamps her hand down on Charlie’s head, before letting out a high-pitched whine.

Sarah quickly sits up, and says “Hm, let me taste myself on you…” then kisses Charlie again.  She then whispers to him, “I wanna suck you now.”

Charlie stands up, and Sarah immediately starts rubbing the front of his jeans. “Mmm, I love how hard you get for me, baby.” She then unzips his pants, reaches into his boxers, and pulls out his rock-hard dick.  In another close-up, we see her lips slide up and down his thick, rigid member, while she grips the base tightly.  As she does this, with her other hand, she fondles her son’s balls.  Back in the close-up, we see Sarah flick her tongue on the tip of Charlie’s cock, then suck on his head, while she strokes his shaft.

“Jesus, Mom…I wanna fuck your pussy…” Sarah lies back again, and spreads her legs, as her son drops his pants, boxers with them.  In another close-up, we see Charlie insert his cock into Sarah’s twat, and start moving it in and out, causing her lips to open and close, as he fucks her.

“Oh, Charlie…I wish I could marry you…”

“I wish that, too, Mom…”

“Fuck me, baby…” Charlie grabs her sides, and starts thrusting harder, causing Sarah’s tits to bounce and jiggle, and her face to contort. “Huh!  Huh!  Huuuh!” Sarah arches her back, as another orgasm washes over her.

Sarah now lies in the middle of the bed, head pointed at the footboard, Charlie holding her leg up to his chest, as he continues fucking her.  Back in the close-up, we see his cock move quickly in and out, Sarah moaning and whimpering on every thrust.  We also see her titties whip up and down, her face screwed up, and her chest and stomach starting to sweat visibly.  Suddenly, Sarah bares her teeth, and starts to scream, as her son fucks her harder.  After about half a minute of this, Charlie stops, leans down, and he and Sarah share a very tongue-heavy kiss.

“Charlie?” Sarah asks breathily, chest and stomach rising and sinking rapidly as she breathes.

“Yeah, Mom?”

“Can you fuck my ass?”

We then see Sarah on her knees, hands planted on the footboard.  In another close-up, we see Charlie press the tip of his cock against Sarah’s moist butt-hole, and slowly push it in, eliciting a deep, labored groan from her. “Ohhhh, fuck, baby!” Charlie then leans over on top of her, wraps one arm around her, and places his hand on her neck, before starting to thrust into her. “UNH!  FUCK!” Back in the close-up, we see Charlie’s cock start to move a little quicker in and out, as Sarah loosens up.  Before long, he’s fucking her ass like a pussy, causing her to again scream.

Sarah again lies on her back, now covered in sweat, as her son jerks his dick over her chest.  Suddenly, groaning loudly, Charlie’s cock starts to spurt, eventually covering her tits in his hot jism.  As her son sighs hoarsely, Sarah smiles up at him, and wipes up some of his cum, then, in one more close-up, licks and sucks it off her fingers.

Finally, Charlie collapses next to his mother. “So, what’s for dinner?”

“I was going to make something, but now, fuck it, I’m ordering in.”

“Good idea, I’m fucking starving.”

Sarah chuckles. “Oh, I love you, son.” They share one more kiss, as the scene fades out.

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