Interviewing…Hilary and Lindsey

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Title: Interviewing…Hilary and Lindsey

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Kate Abdo, Hilary Knight, Lindsey Vonn

Codes: blowjob, Fmast, MF, FF, rimjob, MFFF

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal.

The first show in the new series of Sportswomen Uncovered had gone perfectly, with Kate and I fucking four England footballers and having a blast. However, the second show would be different as for the first time ever on any of my shows, I wasn’t that familiar with my two guests. As Kate sucked me off before the show in our traditional pre-show oral sex, I thought about the two women we were going to meet, and wondered if there might be some after-show sex.

Hilary Knight was a member of the United States ice hockey team and I’d never really heard about her until our producers suggested we bring her on the show to boost the figures in America. Having done my research on her, I discovered that she was indeed very suitable for the show, a sportswoman who was great at her sport and stunningly beautiful. My other guest was Lindsey Vonn, an American skier who I knew a little more about due to her well-publicised relationship with Tiger Woods. Just like Hilary, she was very successful in her sport and very attractive as well, giving me the feeling the show would go well.

As the girls came onto the set, I took in just how beautiful they really were. Lindsey was wearing a red dress that had a split to show off her never-ending and beautiful legs, while it clung to her ass and boobs. Hilary also looked fantastic, wearing a simple short skirt and shirt with a leather jacket, but it suited her fantastically.

“Welcome to the show girls,” I said, trying hard not to stare at them. “You know what this show’s about so let’s get started. Lindsey, you’ve had an incredibly successful career so far, winning two World Championship gold medals and one Olympic gold medal. What’s been the highlight so far?”

“I think any athlete’s highlight is an Olympic gold medal,” Lindsey replied. “Obviously, I’d love to repeat that in 2 years time but it’s a long way off yet. The main thing for me at the moment is getting myself back to the level I was at, so I can compete and hopefully replicate that success.”

“And Hilary,” Kate added, “you’ve won six World Championships but that Olympic gold eludes you. How frustrating is it to come so close but lose in the final both times?”

“Thanks for bringing it up again,” she laughed. “Obviously, it’s gutting to know we’re world champions and then not get that Olympic medal. But we feel it’s coming at the next Games. If we keep trying, we’ll get it eventually.”

“You were the youngest player at the 2010 Olympics for the USA, Hilary,” I added. “Did that make you feel any added pressure?”

“A little bit, but you’re always nervous going into a big tournament,” Hilary replied. “I knew that I’d won my place on merit and so I just tried to do my best, and thankfully, I had a good tournament.”

“Do you think there’s more pressure on athletes when they’re not part of a team, Lindsey?” Kate asked.

“I don’t know about that, but it’s certainly only your performance that matters,” she replied. “If you mess up, it’s your own fault, and it costs you dearly, whereas in a team game, you might get away with it because of your teammates.”

“And so I guess, with all this training and competing, it makes the sex lives pretty distant,” I said, directing the conversation towards sex. “Lindsey, you’re currently single after your high-profile relationship with Tiger Woods. Is there much time for sex?”

“There’s time, it’s just the matter of finding the right people to have sex with,” Lindsey replied. “I was a good match with Tiger because we both loved sex so much, and so now I need someone who wants to make love constantly. I’d do it every day if I could, but currently, it’s probably only about once a week.”

“Wow, that’s a big change for you, Lindsey,” Kate said, excited to know that Lindsey did love sex. “And Hilary, how about you? Your boyfriend’s also an ice hockey player, right?”

“Yeah, he is, so it does make it easier as we have similar schedules,” she replied. “It means we have quite a good sex life, because when we’re both off training, we both are horny, but during the season, there’s a lot less action. We have more sex in the off-season, probably around about three times a week.”

“Sounds like you have it great,” I replied, hoping beyond hope that these two girls would be up for some fun. “So do you masturbate during the season, because you’re not getting sex?”

“Oh yeah, loads,” Hilary answered to my delight. “When we’re away on games, we’re usually quite far apart so I have to get my fix somewhere. A lot of the girls masturbate while we’re away, I’ve heard some of them at it.”

“And Lindsey, I guess you must be masturbating a lot with the lack of sex?” Kate probed.

“Yeah, like Hilary, loads,” she answered, and I could tell Kate was beginning to get horny. “When I’m not getting laid, I’ll masturbate every day, because I need to get off. I just love the feeling you get when you cum.”

“Don’t we all, Lindsey?” I said, and my cock was beginning to grow in my pants. “So what gets you ladies off? What makes the Winter Olympic stars horny?”

“I just like having fun with all my sex toys,” Lindsey said, noticing my rising cock. “I’ve got such a large collection of them, it’s almost one for every night of the week. Dildos, vibrators, you name it, I’ve got it.”

“For me, I love watching porn and celebrity sex tapes,” Hilary answered. “The most taboo ones, the better. It just turns me on to know you shouldn’t really be doing it, but they still do. I’ve got a few sex toys and they help, but porn’s best for me.”

“Wow, very hot answers, girls,” Kate said, and she took my cock in her hand as usual. “Tell me. Have either of you ever experimented with other girls? Hilary, you said you’d heard your teammates masturbating?”

“I have,” Hilary answered immediately, watching as Kate stroked my cock. “Lauren Williams broke into the team at about the same time I did, and we’ve done stuff together. Masturbating each other mainly, but sometimes it went further. I’ve walked in on a few of the girls masturbating though, and they’ve all let me stay and watch.”

“Wow, that’s hot,” Lindsey said, eyes on the handjob as well, “I’ve experimented with a couple of chicks, but nothing too serious. Just flings for a night or so, when I’m going through a really bad dry spell.”

“Well, that’s about all we’ve got time for, unfortunately,” I said, wrapping up the show, as Kate began to suck my cock. “But one last question. Everybody’s got a fantasy so what’s yours, ladies?”

“I love watching people have sex, and do sexual stuff,” Hilary said, “so I think fucking in public would be right up my street. Or being involved in a gangbang.”

“That’d be so hot,” Lindsey answered, agreeing with Hilary. “Erm, but mine’d have to be having sex in every room in a building. I’ve always wanted to do it, but none of my husbands or boyfriends were up for it.”

“Well thanks, for another fantastic revealing show, ladies,” I said, wrapping up the show and struggling to contain myself as Kate gave me one of her best blowjobs. “Join us next time when we’ll have more fabulous guests, as tennis stars Maria Sharapova and Eugenie Bouchard will be here to join us. See you then.”

I lay back in pure ecstasy as Kate continued to suck my cock after the cameras had stopped rolling, and Lindsey and Hilary were quick to react once the show had finished. Both the girls got up off their sofa and made their way over to the place where my co-host was sucking on my hard cock. Lindsey bent down and kneeled on the floor, and began exchanging my cock with Kate, both of them taking it in their mouths, while the other played with my balls. Hilary, meanwhile, had taken off her leather jacket and shirt and exposed her sexy tits, which she offered to me as I sat there receiving a double blowjob. I gratefully accepted them and began to suck and caress them, as the ice hockey star’s hands drifted towards her pussy.

With the double blowjob I was receiving, I knew that it wouldn’t be long until I busted my load, and Kate and Lindsey seemed aware of this too. Thus they both kneeled on the floor and began jerking my cock, while the other licked it, trying to encourage my cum, while I continued to play with Hilary’s cute little breasts. This tactic from the ladies worked a treat, as I felt my cum begin to build and moments later, Lindsey and Kate’s faces were covered with my jizz as my cock exploded. Both girls were overjoyed at this result and proceeded to start licking each other clean.

As much as I’d enjoyed having two mouths around my cock, I decided that I wanted to get some pussy, and so took control of the situation. Grabbing Hilary, I proceeded to rid her of her skirt and panties and, with her pussy nice and wet from her masturbation, lowered her onto my still-hard cock, excited to fuck the brunette beauty. As her pussy lowered onto my cock, all thoughts of her boyfriend were gone, as she let out a moan that signified she’d needed this for a long time.

Kate and Lindsey had moved on from licking my cum off each other’s faces meanwhile, and were now stripping each other off, exchanging kisses and touches up and down their bodies as they did so. In no time at all, both ladies were naked and Kate was taking control of the situation, pushing Lindsey onto the sofa so that she was lying with her head close to where I was fucking Hilary, and began slowly working her fingers in and out of Lindsey’s pussy.

As my hands guided Hilary’s hips with their bouncing up and down on my cock, I pulled her nearer and began to lick and suck on her cute breasts again. Although small and pert, I really loved Hilary’s breasts, and the added feeling on her nipples, as well as the pounding in her pussy, seemed to add to the American’s pleasure. I sped up the rhythm with which I was fucking the young American hockey star, met with enjoyable moans, and could tell that the sports star was close to reaching her own climax.

Next to me, meanwhile, Kate had replaced her fingers and was now licking and sucking on Lindsey’s pussy, making sure she made the skier moan as loudly and often as she could. Having worked with Kate on several shows, I knew her pussylicking ability was very high, and it seemed no different on Lindsey, with Tiger Woods’ former girlfriend, letting out several moans as she neared climax, too.

It was almost at the same time that our two guests reached their orgasms, with Hilary cumming just before Lindsey. The ice hockey star bounced down onto my cock with one long moan, and I felt her juices flow over my hard member as she released her climax, bringing me in for a passionate kiss. Moments later, a loud scream was heard from next to me, and as we both looked over, we saw Lindsey holding Kate’s head to her pussy, while she released her juices over my co-host’s beautiful, sexy face.

With three of us having reached our climax, it was only fair that Kate got her orgasm and, knowing oral sex was the best way of doing this, I got up and started to finger her pussy, ready for my oral attack. However, the girls had other ideas as I was joined at Kate’s pussy by Hilary. After giving me a quick kiss, she replaced my fingers with her own.

“Let me do this,” she said, looking down at my hardening cock. “Why don’t you go over there and fuck Lindsey like the sex-hungry whore we all know she is?”

I glanced over and saw Lindsey sitting at the other end of the sofa, her legs in the air and a wanting look in her eyes. “Come and fuck me, Tom. Come and give me the fucking I deserve.”

There was no way I could argue against that, so I quickly got up and made my way over to Lindsey Vonn, leaving Hilary to work on Kate’s orgasm. Lindsey’s pussy was wet with anticipation and throwing her legs over my shoulders, I thrust my cock inside her awaiting parts. It was met with little resistance, proving that Lindsey did indeed have a lot of sex, and once I’d thrust my whole cock inside of her, she moaned as the tip of my cock finally met resistance. Lindsey was much more experienced than Hilary and with every thrust, she met it with a push back of her own, clearly knowing what she needed to make her cum.

Over on the other side of the sofa, Hilary Knight was showing her experience at licking pussy, with her head buried deep in Kate’s pussy and the noises my co-host was producing were those that she usually produced moments before she came. Sure enough, a couple of minutes later and Kate was squirting her load over Hilary’s face and hands as she reached one of her biggest climaxes in recent times.

Meanwhile, despite the incredible lesbian sex going on to our left, Lindsey and I were focused on our own fucking, my cock still pounding her pussy fast and hard. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, I felt a strange sensation on my ass, as a tongue began to probe into my asshole. I realised it must be Hilary’s tongue, when Kate’s head appeared between the place where Lindsey and I were fucking, doing the same to the sexy skier. This added sensation seemed to turn both of us on even more, and it did look hot as Kate licked Lindsey’s ass while I pounded her pussy. It was me who reached orgasm first, though, with Hilary’s tongue pleasuring my ass and Lindsey’s pussy on my cock, I couldn’t control myself and began releasing my load deep inside the skier’s pussy. This extra liquid inside her seemed to bring Lindsey to a climax as well, and she moaned in joy as she orgasmed, her juices mixing with mine. These began to drip out her pussy and were lapped up by Kate, who then shared them passionately with Hilary. Yet another successful interview.

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